There is no god way to determine if a specific property has changed on a work-item, with the use of the Service Manager Integration Pack. By using PowerShell and SMlets you can go trough the history of the object to see which property was last changed.

In this example I use Orchestrator and PowerShell to determine if the Schedule start date or Schedule end date has been updated on a Change Request and then invoke another runbook.



  • First I use the Monitor Object activity in the Service Manager 2012 Integration Pack to get Change Requests that has been updated in Service Manager
  • Next I use a Run .Net Script activity to run a PowerShell script utilizing SMlets() to go through the history of the work-item to see if the last change was on a property with the name “Sched*”, and publish True or False to ObjectChanged.

import-module smlets

$ObjectChanged = $false

$object = Get-SCSMObject -Id ‘[SC Object Guid from “Monitor Updated Change Request”]’ $history = Get-SCSMObjectHistory -object $object

$countofchanges = $history.history.count -1 $changes = $history.History[$countofchanges]

foreach ($change in $changes.changes) { if ($change.Name -like “Sched*”) { $ObjectChanged = $true } }

  • Then I use the ascending Link to only include objects if the ObjectChanged was True