This is a simple script for checking the amount of free space on logical disk volume, and send e-mail if it gets below a specified value. If you want to schedule it to run once a day every morning, place the file somewhere on the local drive and run the the following command:

AT 05:00 <path>\FreeDiskSpace.vbs

Change <path> to where you placed the file and change the time to whenever you want the script to check the drives.

Change the variable inside the file to match your environment. You will have to change at least the strEmailAddressTO and strSMTPServerName. And you would probably want to tune CheckDiskVolume to match your environment. Sample script below will send e-mail if C: drive gets below 5 GB and/or if D: drive gets below 10 GB. You can add as many CheckDiskVolume lines as you would like.

The script will requires that a remote SMTP relay server exist on your network. If you would like to use a SMTP server installed local on the server, remove the line containing objEmail.Configuration.Fields.Item("") = strSMTPServerName from the SendEmail sub function.

PS: You will find the script made in PowerShell at the bottom of the post.

File: FreeDiskSpace.vbs