There are several blog posts already about how to get the User Input from a Service Request or Incident Request formatted and put into the description field.

But I wanted to use Orchestrator so I could make changes without having to recompile the solution every time. I used some of the script published by Kurt Van Hoecke at Authoring Friday in my orchestrator version.

Another blog: Solution to clean User Input from Service Manager Portal and commit it to the Action Log @ Coretech Blog

Orchestrator Monitor Runbooks

Orchestrator is set up with a generic Service Manager monitor for new Incident Request and Service Request , and using the Link Include Filter, I send all new incident and service request with source Portal to the Runbook.

UserInput to Description Runbook

  1. I take the ID of the Work Item as an input in the Initialize Data activity.
  2. Link filter WorkItemID starts with IR or SR.
  3. In the Get Incident/Service Request activity I have a filter ID equals WorkItemID from Initialize Data.
  4. The UserInput from the Get Get Incident/Service Request activity are used in the script in Get IR/SR UserInput.
  5. And finaly I update the IR/SR description field.

Here I use the Execute PS Secript activity from the Orchestrator Integration Pack for PowerShell Script Execution 1.2 for my Get IR/SR UserInput activities, but the default Run .Net Script Activity would also work just fine.